Proverse Hong Kong publishes from Hong Kong mainly high quality literary and general titles but also including some travel, sport, educational and academic works. We accept submissions from non-native speakers of English as well as from native speakers. In 2008, we established the annual international Proverse Prize for unpublished book-length non-fiction, fiction or poetry submitted in English. Semi-finalists to date include writers born, resident or previously resident in Andorra, Australia, Canada, Germany, Hong Kong, Malaysia, New  Zealand, Nigeria, Singapore, The Bahamas, the PRC, South Africa, Taiwan, the United Arab Emirates, the United Kingdom, and the USA. Opens for entries 14 April each year. In 2016, we launched the annual international Proverse Poetry Prize for a single poem submitted in English. Opens for entries 7 May each year. Entries to both prizes are invited from anywhere in the world and are open to all over eighteen years old, whatever their nationality, residence or citizenship.

The International Proverse Poetry Prize (Single Poems) 2019
(Opens for entries: 7 May 2019. Closing date: 30 June 2019)

   Open to all who are aged eighteen or above, whatever their residence, citizenship, nationality or place of birth. New, emerging experienced and established writers are all welcome.

 You are invited to enter in English ONE OR MORE poems written by yourself, previously unpublished in English, in which you own the copyright.
Rules, Terms & Conditions of Entry
You may enter a poem / poems you originally wrote in English and/or a poem/ poems you originally wrote in another language, which is/are previously unpublished in English and in which you own the copyright.
You may enter a poem / poems written by you, which is/are previously published in a language other than English, and in which you retain the copyright.
If another person has translated your poem(s) for you, you must acknowledge this and confirm that you own the copyright in the translation.
 Proverse Hong Kong disclaims responsibility for any misrepresentation on the part of each and every entrant.
Poems may be (a) on ANY subject or theme CHOSEN BY YOURSELF, OR (b) on the subject or theme, "PLASTIC", interpreted in any way you choose.
 You may use any form, style or genre.
Poems should be no more than 30 lines each, excluding the title and any blank lines. However, if the judges so decide, any submitted poem of more than 30 lines may be considered an eligible entry on the same footing as submitted poems of 30 lines or fewer.
Please do not include photographs or illustrations.

 ENTRY FEES: An entry fee needs to be paid for each poem. An entry fee once paid may not be repaid and you may not withdraw a poem from the competition once you have entered it.  It is regretted that no correspondence can be entered into in relation to individual entries. 

Cash prizes: 1st prize; USD100.00; 2nd prize: USD45.00; 3rd prizes (up to four winners): USD20.00.
If, in the sole judgement of the judges, there are no poems of a high enough quality for any or each of the prizes to be awarded, the prize or prizes will not be awarded. Entry fees will not be returned but put towards the continued running of the competition.
No editing is permitted prior to judging.
The decision of the judges is final and no correspondence can be entered into about the results.
If in the sole judgement of the judges, sufficient high-quality poems are submitted, a PROVERSE POETRY PRIZE ANTHOLOGY will be published by Proverse Hong Kong in a paperback available for online purchase and/or as an E-book, no later than one year after the closing date for entries. Your name will be published with your poem(s) unless you explicitly state at the time of entering your poem(s) that you do not wish your name to appear. Depending on the editorial policy from year to year, you may be asked to submit a brief biography of yourself and / or a headshot of yourself to be included in the anthology.  You may be invited but not required to provide a back-story for your poem(s) if you judge it would be helpful for an international readership.
No poet may win more than one prize among the 1st, 2nd or 3rd prizes in any year but it is permissible for more than one poem by a single poet to be included in the Proverse Poetry Prize anthology.
 If in the sole judgement of the judges, not enough high-quality poems are submitted to justify a anthology in any year, 1st-, 2nd- and 3rd-prize poems (if any) will be published online (e.g. on the Proverse website, and/or the Proverse facebook page, and/or in the Proverse ENewsletter, etc.) no later than one year after the closing date for entries.
The first-, second- and third-prizes (if any) will be awarded at the same time as the winning poems are published online or soon afterwards OR at the event or soon after the event at which the anthology (if any) in which their prize-winning work appears is launched, whichever takes place later. First-, second- and third-prize-winners (if any) and those who win a place in the anthology (if any) will be informed individually about their result. All are requested to keep their result confidential until Proverse has announced the full results as explained elsewhere in these Rules, Terms and Conditions of Entry.
First-, second- and third-prize winners (if any), as well as those who have won a place in the Proverse Poetry Prize Anthology (if any) MAY RECEIVE INVITATIONS TO ATTEND EVENTS IN HONG KONG, at which a) the results will be announced and/or b) when the anthology (if any) is launched, and winners will themselves be responsible for all arrangements and costs of attendance, including but not limited to a modest event fee (normally about HKD190 = approx USD25.00), visas, international and / or local transport, health and travel insurance, accommodation and meals, etc. If 1st-, 2nd- or 3rd-prize winners are not able to attend, they may send or be invited to send a brief message which the organisers will consider for reading out or displaying at the event.
 Public announcement of results scheduled for:  November 2019. (1st-, 2nd- and 3rd-prize winners and winners of a place in the anthology (if any) will be informed before this.)
You will retain copyright in your poem(s). By entering for The Proverse Poetry Prize, you give Proverse Hong Kong the unrestricted royalty-free fee-free irrevocable  non-exclusive right to publish your poem(s) (A) online including but not limited to the website and/or the Proverse facebook page and/or in the Proverse ENewsletter and/or (B) in a Proverse Poetry Prize Anthology as described above. Proverse Hong Kong will own the copyright in any such Proverse Poetry Prize Anthology and its reproduction and licensing rights. You also agree not to publish or permit to be published your entered poem(s) in any way until Proverse Hong Kong has published your poem(s) online and/or in a Proverse Poetry Prize Anthology as described above.
EDITING AND PUBLICATION: If the Proverse Hong Kong editors have any query about the text and/or layout of any poem to be published, Proverse Hong Kong will contact the author and the author will respond to the best of his or her ability within ten days. If no response is received, the Proverse Hong Kong editors may use their best judgement to make any amendment to the text and/or layout that they deem necessary.
Proverse Hong Kong will be responsible for and have the final decision in relation to all aspects of preparation of print-ready files and their delivery for printing to include but not being limited to publishing project management and scheduling, copy-editing, layout design and the setting, cover design, proof-reading and delivery of files in appropriate format for printing.

 By entering for The Proverse Poetry Prize you agree to and are bound by the Rules, Terms and Conditions of Entry set out above as well as by the fuller version of the Rules, Terms and Conditions of Entry available on the website, If there is any discrepancy, the Rules, Terms and Condition of Entry available on the website, shall prevail.
Judging will take place during the period, mid-July to end August 2019. To preserve the integrity of the judging process and to keep the focus on entrants, the judges’ names are not announced.

PRESENTATION: In the attachment containing your entered poem, please include the title of your poem and please do not include your name as entries are considered anonymously. Also, please ensure the title at the head of your poem is the same as the title you have given in the entry form. ~~~

The International Proverse  Prize for Unpublished Non-Fiction, Fiction, or Poetry 2019
(Book-length work)
This annual international prize, established in 2008, is open to all who are at least eighteen years old, whatever their residence, nationality or citizenship, including new, emerging and established writers.

Please find below an entry form, a facility for payment of the entry fee in your preferred choice from among a number of currencies, and a means of submitting a soft copy of the work you wish to enter.
If you use these facilities, please also mail a hard copy and soft file of your entered work, together with evidence of payment of your entry fee, as explained  in the Entry Documents found at, as well as a hard copy of the  Entry Documents found at, signed and dated by you, to an address given in the Entry Documents found at
 The Entry Documents at provide comprehensive information, including the names of previous winners, the titles and genres of winning works.   If there is any discrepancy, the Entry Documents at shall prevail.
 It is regretted that no correspondence can be entered into in relation to individual entries.
We look forward to reading your work!

Proverse Hong Kong