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The Proverse  Prize for Unpublished Non-Fiction, Fiction, or Poetry 2017

(Book-length work)

This annual international prize, established in 2008, is open to all who are at least eighteen years old, whatever their residence, nationality or citizenship, including new, emerging and established writers.

Please find below an entry form, a facility for payment of the entry fee in your preferred choice from among a number of currencies, and a means of submitting a soft copy of the work you wish to enter.

If you use these facilities, please also mail a hard copy and soft file of your entered work, together with evidence of payment of your entry fee, as explained  in the Entry Documents found at www.proversepublishing.com, as well as a hard copy of those  Entry Documents themselves, signed and dated by you, to an address given in those Entry Documents.

 The Entry Documents at www.proversepublishing.com provide comprehensive information, including the names of previous winners, the titles and genres of winning works.

 It is regretted that no correspondence can be entered into in relation to individual entries.

We look forward to reading your work!

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